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Taking Marketing More Seriously

After dealing with lagging sales for over five years, it occurred to me that we needed to do something to improve the visibility of our business. We started focusing carefully on marketing, including making our web presence more prominent. We analyzed our demographics, and we worked with a marketing company to make our online content more relevant. The difference was amazing. Within about six months, our company was enjoying a higher customer count and more online traffic. The purpose of this blog is to help you to see how important marketing is, and why every business owner should invest in marketing materials and services.


Taking Marketing More Seriously

3 Reasons To Go With A Local Company For Your Marketing

Jose Gomez

If your business is growing, you are likely looking for additional ways to keep the ball rolling and attract new clients. One obvious way to do this is to increase your advertising and marketing budget, but you shouldn't just give your money to the first firm you see. For best results, a local business should go with a company that offers equally local marketing services to take full advantage of your surrounding community. Here are three reasons why it's better to go local when it comes to marketing.

1. A Local Marketer is Already Familiar with Your Client Base 

If you hire a national firm, there will probably be some runway time where the firm will have to research your market to get fully up to speed. But with a local marketing agency, they are likely already fully aware of the nuances of dealing with potential customers in your neck of the woods. They'll be able to target your client base immediately so you can see results much more quickly.

2. Face to Face Contact

If you go with that big, expensive national firm, how are you going to talk to them? If it's like most national agencies, you'll be talking to them through email or at best through something like Skype. But if you go with a local marketer, they'll likely have office space right in town. If you have a question or problem, you can literally walk right into their office and get a face to face answer. This should help give you some peace of mind about your marketing campaign because you'll know that you can quickly get a hold of them and change things up if needed.

3. A Local Network

Chances are a local marketing agency is going to have a client list containing many more local businesses besides just yours. This could present multiple opportunities for you to network with other companies in your area. You may even be able to find cross-promotional opportunities between your business and the one down the street. This network can interact with your customers and also help spread positive word of mouth about all involved businesses.

If you want to step up your marketing game, your first step should be to identify an agency in your own town offering local marketing services. A local agency already knows your customer base, is easier to talk to in person and may be able to connect you with other similar companies in your area for joint promotions. Contact a local marketer today for more information.