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Taking Marketing More Seriously

After dealing with lagging sales for over five years, it occurred to me that we needed to do something to improve the visibility of our business. We started focusing carefully on marketing, including making our web presence more prominent. We analyzed our demographics, and we worked with a marketing company to make our online content more relevant. The difference was amazing. Within about six months, our company was enjoying a higher customer count and more online traffic. The purpose of this blog is to help you to see how important marketing is, and why every business owner should invest in marketing materials and services.


Taking Marketing More Seriously

3 Things To Avoid When Designing Your Website

Jose Gomez

Whether you are thinking about creating a website for business reasons or pleasure reasons, there are a few things that you should know about before you design your website. Certain aspects of a website can turn off users, and when creating a website, you want to create a site that draws in users rather than repels them. Before you start your web-designing project, you should know a few things that you should avoid when designing your site.

Stale Content

Although the design of the website is what draws the user in, it is the content that is going to grip the user and convince him or her to stay on the website, peruse it with great intent and perhaps even make return visits. The first thing that you have to do when it comes to content is make sure it is well organized and legible.

Don't be afraid to use bullet points, well divided paragraphs and eye catching statements that will draw the reader into the content itself. Multimedia? Of course. Especially in this YouTube age of digital distribution, multimedia is a great way to sell your content. It is recommended that you don't get too carried away with multimedia as a way to distribute your content. Remember: streamline!

Poor Screen Resolution

This is a problem that even the most hardened and seasoned of graphic designers tend to skip over from time to time. Designers need to remember how to design their page and what sort of audience that they're looking to market to; this includes what screen resolution their audience will most likely be using.

Nothing is tackier than surfing into a website and finding that the screen simply scrolls vertically forever and ever, with nary a bit of content in sight. In addition, with mobile devices and tablets being used to surf the web with greater frequency, determining a solid screen resolution for your design is an even bigger issue today than it ever has been.

Autoplayed Sounds

This is something that even designers in the 90s can tell you: too much multimedia can be bad. Sure, you want to show off a great sound bite or song that you're obsessed with, but to have it embedded into the very design of your website is a particularly bad idea. No one wants to be startled with sound effects or noises and no one wants to be forced to listen to a piece of music. Imagine someone playing a song on the radio and asking you repeatedly whether you like it or not. By autoplaying music on your website, this is the online equivalent of that phenomenon.

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